Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BYU Soar Program

Parents with juniors in high school can apply for the SOAR, or Summer of Academic Refinement, program at BYU. Is a five-day college preparation program which prepares and informs students of the educational benefits and expectations at Brigham Young University. SOAR provides ACT preparation, admissions and college success information, and an introduction to Multicultural Student Services. In addition to college and academic preparation, students are exposed to BYU campus, its community, and opportunities. SOAR students are assigned a BYU student-counselor who serves as their mentor through the program. The cost for SOAR, which includes housing, food, activities, and materials, is minimal, and need-based scholarships are available. For more information you can contact Sam Brown at or visit the Multicultural Student Services link on the right side of the blog.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Tips from teachers and principals on helping students succeed

President Paongo passed on a useful article from the Salt Lake Tribune entitled "Tips from teachers and principals on helping students succeed." Some of these tips included contacting the teacher frequently, whether through email or appointments, they are available! "Parents should go to teachers first instead of going straight to the principal. Often, they said, a misunderstanding is at the root of the problem, and speaking with the teacher might reach a resolution. Jameson said parents should talk to teachers over the phone or in person, if possible, instead of trying to resolve difficult issues through e-mail. That way, the tone of the conversation will be clear. " Teachers, as much as parents, want their students to succeed. Parents can help teachers become successful in teaching their children by becoming involved with the educators at school and actively engaging in school work at home.